Libya: Ambassador Stevens and Others Were CIA Operatives

House Ethics Committee to Clear Rep. Maxine Waters

DOJ: Attorney General Eric Holder Cleared, 14 Others At Fault in Fast&Furious Gun Scandal

They Failed to Alert Holder of Significant Flaws

Eric Holder's Subordinates Clear Him of Fast&Furious Gun Scandal

Harry Reid's Romney Bash Broke Rules

White House: Benghazi Was Terrorist Attack

White House: Sebilius' Inadvertent Error Did Not Break Law

Libyan President: Attacks Were Pre-Planned

US Ambassador Susan Rice: Attacks Not Pre-Planned

President Obama Reacts to Middle East Attacks

President Obama Has Laid a Foundation Built to Last: From the White House

Warning: DOJ Eric Holder Discusses Arab Spring and Justifies Asset Recovery Action Plan to Arab Countries Amidst Corruption and More

Warning: EPA Selects Five State Capitals to Create Healthy, Prosperous Communities

Warning: HHS Uses Mappyhealth to Track Health Concerns

Feds Create More Wealth By Printing More Money: QE3 for Now, but What Happens Later?

Wall Street Spikes Up

The President Says No to Netanyahu

Yes to Letterman

President Obama's Weekly Address: Remembering 9/11

DHS and FEMA Asks for Pledge to Prepare

DOJ Shutting Down Texas Tax Preparers

EPA Regulations and then some

HHS Kathleen Sebelius Announces Public Voting for HHSinnovates Program

White House to Miss Legal Deadline for Budget Cuts

Google Goes All Out For Obama's Re-Election Campaign

Economic Development Forum, But No Obama

Obama Spends More On Public Health

DOJ Holder: Continued Commitment to Religious Freedom

DOJ and Holder Deals Texas Aggressive and Even Handed Defeat

Protests: What's the difference between the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street?

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September 22, 2012

Mohamed Morsi: US Must Fundamentally Change

HuffPo: We're Still Waiting For Previous Years Taxes, Mitt

Media Matters: Obama's Redistribution Explained

Move On: Ryan's Hoodwinking Failed with AARP

Gay Boy Band Slams Romney in Music Video ***Warning: Guys In Bikini Bottoms+Sexual Innuendos

Sarah Silverman Explains the Truth Behind Voter Fraud ***Warning Graphic Language***


September 21, 2012

Obama: Romney Writes Off Half the Nation

Half the Nation Up in Unemployment

Any Positives for Mitt?

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President Obama to Expedite High Speed Rail In CA

PBS: It's Unanimous. A Good Week For Obama

Obama's Dough Deeper Than Romney's

HuffPo Headline: Time For Romney To Face the Music

Obama Crushes Romney in Advertising Spending

CNN Polls: Tougher For GOP Senate Takeover

Brown Hits Warren Over Indian Status

NBC Fact Check: Democratic Super PAC Misleads Virginia Republican Allen Quotes

NBC: Romney's New Focus--Rescue Campaign


September 20, 2012

Obama: Immigration Reform Biggest Failure

Univision Reporter to Obama: You Promised Immigration Reform, and With All Due Respect, You Did Not Keep Your Promise

MSNBC: Redistribution Is For Any Government In Free Society, Isn't It?

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Ed Schultz Show: Day 4 Of Romney's 47% Mistake 

Weekly Jobless Rates Still High

Economist Paul Krugman: QE2 Was A Success, Just As QE3 Will Be

Krugman: I Would Argue the Economic Mess is Getting Cleaned Up By President Obama

Obama Leads Polls!

Celebrates With Jay-Z and Beyonce--Champagne Tower 350 Gold Bottles Millionaires Only Club

Either Way: Obama Could Lose Popular Vote But Win Election

Video: It's Romney's Fallout

NBC News: Rest of Obama's Redistribution Speaks of 'Competition' and the 'Marketplace'

Mitt Romney's 47% Video Sends Republicans Running for the Hills

Why is Romney Losing Edge On Economy?

Romney Inarticulate Before Latinos

Does Romney Hate Redistribution?

Justice Ginsburg and Same Sex Surprise 2013

Surprise: Paris Hilton Can't Wait To Tell You About it

Democrats Double Down On Allen West

Global Warming: We're Running Out of Time

Mother Jones: Romney's 47% Hedge Fund Manager Likes Sex Parties

HuffPo: Romney Blowing It From Sleep Deprivation

September 19, 2012

Official: Yahoo/Esquire Poll--Romney Not Connecting

ABC/CBS/NBC/MSNBC/PBS/Yahoo News/Google News/HuffPo & More:YESSSS!!! Obama Hits 50%

NBC News: Romney Slipping Away

Thanks to Jimmy Carter's Grandson

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HuffPo's William K. Black: Why Do Republicans Hate Us?

HuffPo: Republican Freak Out Week

Romney's 47% Big Deal

NBC Video: Pelosi Weighs in On Romney


Jon Stewart: 2 Cents on Romney 47%

Gays Same; Chick-Fil-A Changes


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Why Wouldn't Iranian Containment Work?

#Wall Street One Year Later: 99%?

Reporters Coordinate Questions-Video

How Obama Became Elite 1%

Paul Krugman: Why I support Obama's Budget Plan

CNBC Host: Krugman is a Communist

Democratic Supporters Praise Socialism: See Video

Hi, my name is...and I'm a Communist

Media Shifts Focus from Jobs to Gay Marriage

President Obama Shifts Focus from Jobs to Birth Certificate

Chris Matthews Martian Clinton

Clinton So Good--To Be Taught in School



September 22, 2012

Leader of Libya Attack Linked to Obama Donor

Chick-Fil-A: We've Made No Concessions To Same Sex Marriage Supporters

SE Cupp Clashes With Co-Hosts On The Cycle


September 21, 2012

Vetting Obama

Krauthammer: Obama's Middle East Policy

CNN Soledad O'Brien To Joel Osteen: That is the Opposite of Uplifting

Malkin: David Brooks is Eddie Haskell

Mark Levin: Every Aspect of Obamacare is Disaster


September 20, 2012

Pelosi: Bush Left Economy In Depths of Hell

IG: White House Blocked Fast and Furious Leads

CBS: Romney Ridicules Obama's Change

CNN: Romney Pivots After Controversy

Univision to Obama: With All Due Respect, You Did Not Keep Your Promise

Mario Diaz-Balart: America Deserves New President After Obama's Broken Promises

House GOP Concerned Over Possible Release of Oma Abdel-Rahman by President Obama After Election

DOJ Spokesman Dean Boyd: Garbage


Will Dinesh D'Souza's Documentary Save America?

Media Blame Bush Day? Libya Attacker From 2007 GTMO

Thomas Sowell: Redistribution Fallacy Explained

Welcome to Obama's America

Washington Examiner: Meet Obama

The Blaze: Obama Replaces 50 Stars With O

Obama Store:

Savage: Obama's Islam Connected Foreign Policy Per Incident

Media Lap Dogs in Pursuit of Wrong Story: Obama Fibs Again

Washington Times: Media Pushing Hard for Romney's Incompetence

Forbes: Global Warming: Record Amount of Recorded Ice

NSIDC is Silent

NSIDC: We'll Release Full Analysis In Early October

September 19, 2012

Real Clear Politics: Dems New Weapon...47%

Red State: 47% Video and the Missing 2 Minutes Edited Out by Mother Jones

The Blaze: Full Romney Secret Video Un-Edited



Older NEWS

Netanyahu: "Those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before Iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before Israel."

Dennis Prager's PragerU: All You Need to Know About Taxes In One 6min Video

Mark Levin Show: Obama's Foreign Policy

Canada Closes Tehran Embassy

Michael Berry: Obama's Arab Spring

Dennis Prager: The DNC No Vote to God and Jerusalem

Mark Levin: Romney Not Aggressive Enough

9/11 Don't Mention it: Obama Doesn't

No Mention of Terrorist(s) in Weekly Address